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This area is for practicing and is not graded.


Remember X does not mark the spot
On the next page is the practice version of the demonstration test. View the flagger puppet as yourself, and place it in the correct position/location.
In the real world a flaggers position is not a specific spot on the road. You need to recognize unsafe areas of the road, and stay out of the unsafe area.

No part of your body should ever be in the path of traffic moving in either direction, this includes the stop/slow sign.

When stopping traffic be all the way out of the road, to the right of the white line.
After stopping traffic, do not cross any part of the yellow line.


You will find the videos in the practice section contain the answers to this test. There is no video in the final test.

If you arrived here before taking the class you may not know the answers now, but all of the information is presented in the class.

In both the practice and final test, if the computer says you are incorrect you must check your answer and make changes; the computer will not change its mind if it is still wrong. The splash screen reading Incorrect actually contains the answer, you should read it carefully, and scroll down the page to review the video located below the test area.
The final demonstration section is graded different than most tests you have taken; here you must get it all 100% correct, but we give you get 2 attempts to get it right.


An external mouse is strongly recommended.


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